About Michel Trapezaroff

Born in a family of artists, Michel Trapezaroff started painting when he was only 12 years old.

As a landscape painter, strongly stamped by the classical masters, he stands in the true realistic tradition initiated by the 17th century Dutch Masters.

With an overwhelming intensity of observation and feeling, he tells us of familiar landscapes suffused with peace and harmony.

In constant quest of faithfulness to nature seen in its true light, he manages, by means of a refined palett, a precise stroke and a surprising litheness in his modulation of shade, to conjure up the specific atmosphere of the settin, the season and the time of day, while no détail interferes with the overall balance.

As the result of a most compelling sensibility and an impressive mastership of pictorial technique, each of Michel Trapezaroff's painting is in itself of most precious collection pièce beaming with emotion and reverie of outstanding quality.

Beatrice Hausamann
Berlin 1993